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Ten Things I Like: TV Shows that MUST be Renewed!

Now is the time…. TV shows are renewed, or given the axe for the next season…. Below is a list of 10 shows who, though they are looking good, have not yet been renewed. I am wayyyy too addicted to TV, so I seriously hope they are renewed.

tv shows that can't be cancelled

1. 30 Rock (NBC)
2. Alcatraz (Fox)
3. The Bachelor (ABC)

4. Happy Endings (ABC)
5. Law & Order: SVU (NBC)
6. Modern Family (ABC)
7. The Office (NBC)
8. Once Upon a Time

9. Parks and Recreation (NBC)
10. Revenge (ABC)


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  1. clearly I’m going to comment – BEYOND glad Happy Endings made your list!!! made my day – I’m sure you expect me to write that! and Revenge, 30Rock and Modern Fam will most definitely all be renewed (I hope, anyway)

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