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Ten Things I LIke: Ryan Gosling

Ryan Gosling. People are obsessed. (I might be one of those people.) So dedicated they’ll protest anyone who disagrees. He’s even been made into a pancake….  Check out some awesome Ryan Gosling stuff below, and go ahead and admit it — you’re obsessed with him too.

He just looks so good. Even when he’s traveling…

Want more flawless shots when he’s not even paying attention? Click here.


Oh and have you met feminist Ryan Gosling? Because he’s pretty fab….

For more of feminist Ryan click here.


Ryan Gosling is cuter than a puupy. You know it’s true.

For more pictures where Ryan is cuter than a puppy, click here!


And have you seen him with HIS dog?!

For literally every picture of Ryan and his dog that is on the internet, click here.


Plus he’s a really good guy! Honestly, if you’re not on the Ryan Gosling train yet, just watch this and then hop on. You won’t want to get off…


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