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Ten Things I Like: Ambien

So I’m sitting here on the plane on Ambien. Let me explain: I only took it because I have a serious fear of flying and need it so I can sleep through the unbearable bumpy air pockets in the sky that scare the shit out of me. (Yes I’m aware you’re way more likely to be in a car accident than a plane crash, but I just don’t feel safe when the bumps we hit on a plane ride are clouds in the sky and when a bump in the road comes along on your drive, it’s just that.. A bump. On a ROAD.)

I wait until after the meal has been served to take the pill, as I needed to get a good meal in my belly. Mmmmmm airplane food.


So, I took the pill while I was reading 50 Shades Darker thinking I’d read until the drugs kicked in and then I’d be out like a light. But, as it turns out I find myself wanting to fight the urge for slumber! Processing the same scene I have before, I see the plane in a whole new light darkness – they just switched the lights out – and it just makes me wonder.


Who am I traveling with? Where are they going? What are they doing there? Do they want to be on this trip? Whatever trip it may be. Perhaps of course they’re journey isnt as fun a journey as mine? Maybe they are in mourning? Who knows…

I cannot stop laughing at the man in the aisle next to us. (See photo below.) To get darkness before the lights were dimmed, he placed a blanket over his entire body, including his head. Fine. If you want to sleep. But he keeps doing things. And in my ambient state I can’t stop giggling as he takes offs his shoes with a blanket covering his face, and so on and so forth.


But alas this fist post must end… I am being overpowered by the wonder that is Ambien. Hopefully it’ll work it’s magic and I’ll wake up when the plane lands in Brussels.

PS… Just landed and I’ve spotted blanket man in the terminal, check his outfit!



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