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Ten Things I Like: Köln Cathedral

As I sit on this train, looking out at the German countryside, heading into Switzerland, I try to ignore the annoying baby screaming its brains out (we have encountered at least one on every mode of public transportation thus far!) But seriously, Europe is so much more beautiful than the states, it’s crazy. Not just the scenery, but the places themselves. We just left Köln (Cologne in English), the city at thecenter of the Cologne/Bonn region of Germany.


We met our parents there for a quick revamp — you know, stay in a nice hotel, have our own beds/room, be able to leave our stuff unattended, dinner on mommy and daddy — love ya guys 😉 Today we went to the gorgeous Köln Cathedral. It was pretty indescribable, especially with words. So, I’ll probably just post a bunch of pictures after this. The cathedral was first built in the 1200s but was finished in the late 1800s, and is one of the most epically beautiful and famous cathedrals in all of Europe. Like all super old and super gorg things, it’s covered in scaffolding, since they’re constantly renovating, but it didn’t seem to take much from its beauty, in my opinion. The stained glass inside was unlike anything I’ve ever seen. Unbelievable details, in such radiant colors — seriously stunning. And this place was freaking huge. If you’re ever planning a trip to Germany, definitely check out this adorable city. Along with the Cathedral, there’s an awesome chocolate museum (which could probably take up a full day on its own) and all kinds of restaurants and shops along the water. In fact, we went to this very posh burger joint for a late European (23:30) dinner right down town. Very fresh, very fast, totally paperless and eco-friendly… and pretty reasonably priced (for Europe standards)!

The Chocolate Museum


Anyway, that’s all for now, but be sure to check out the photos of the Köln Cathedral below to see its insanity for yourself.













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