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Ten Things I Like: Bachelor Pad

hellooooo all!! it’s been a while but I’m back!! I’m sitting here watching Bachelor Pad and I just couldn’t help it — I had to post!


Watching these people who have been dumped on national TV comeback to find fame love, is just amazing. This season has been full of drama, and if you haven’t watched it, stop reading now and watch. THEN read.


So, what I’m hoping happens tonight is that, somehow Sarah and Chris win and when they pick split/keep or whatever it is that Chris votes to share it and Sarah says keep it all and Chris gets nothing. Because, let’s be honest. Nothing’s better than when a cocky guy who has played 2 girls (even if they’re annoying like Jamie and Blakely) gets played himself. Karmas a bitch, and I’m really hoping Sarah is one tonight.

OK it’s back on…….. wooo wooo


What do YOU think?

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