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Ten Things I Like: Julian’s Recipie


When I went to Europe this summer, I was wowed by the fabulousness that is an authentic Belgian waffle. Like I said before, I was sure that they couldn’t be that special, it’s just a waffle… Well I learned in July that I was WRONG!

Since then, I’ve been craving Belgian waffles and cannot seem to satisfy that craving, even at fancy restaurants who advertise “authentic Belgian waffles” on their dessert menus… Thoroughly disappointed — not that they weren’t delish, they were, just not the thick sweet honey flavored goodness I had in Belgium.

Well I’m here today with some good news– you can try this yumminess without having to fly across the pond to get a taste of this flavor! Just go to your local Costco and pick up a massive box of “Julian’s Recipie!” Just gave my first one a taste tonight and even though I burned it a tad it was SO amaz.

No, it’s not the real thing, but it’s pretty damn close. Best you’re gonna get in NJ or Mississippi or anywhere in this great ol’ country of ours…


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