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Who am I?

WHO AM I? Well, that’s one secret I’ll never tell…. JK! I am me. I am the things I do, and say. I am the things I like.


1. Pictures taking them, editing them, posting them, being in them, looking at them, ordering them.

2. Food, mostly eating it.

3. $aving money — every penny counts.

4. Traveling. It’s all new at some point, and NEW = EXCITING

5. FACEBOOK….. DUH and other, not so important, social networking sites

6. Shopping: desire for clothes. I LIKE IT.

7. Adventures. Going on them. Anywhere, anytime, with anyone.

8. Gchat — in the working world, it’s how I keep in touch with my friends.

9. My iPhone, yes I’m a techno-junkie but that’s the world I live in and it’s a world I sure do enjoy.

10. TV — watching it is awesome. For SO many reasons.


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  2. What an awesome way to explain this-now I know everything about you!

  3. Hey what took you so long to get on board? Welcome!

  4. Thanks for subscribing to my “where beauty and fashion I’m Mannie, the writer and comedian behind it! I share my own individual style and beauty product reviews with the purpose to help influence and emphasize personal style and individualism within others.

    ..i look forward to more chitter …chatter…


  5. Hi there, Thank you very much for following my blog!

  6. You say you like to travel, lets hear more about that!!

  7. Indianapolis Colts Forev

    It’s like we’re twins! This is great blog – an awesome read. I will certainly be back..

  8. Glad you liked my posts on “Swords, Specters, & Stuff.” You’re welcome there anytime.

  9. you should update this page now that you have more followers… JUST SAYIN

  10. Babe we are so much alike except the saving penny part 😛 I wish I could do it


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